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Developing Theatre (ERC-Projekt)

This research project proposes a fundamental re-examination of the historiography of theatre in emerging countries after 1945. It investigates the institutional factors that led to the emergence of professional theatre in the post-war period throughout the decolonizing world. The particular focus will be on the massive involvement of internationally coordinated ‘development’ and ‘modernization’ programs both East and West. The project will introduce the concepts of epistemic community, expert networks and techno-politics to theatre historical research as a means to historicize theatre within transnational and transcultural paradigms and examine its imbrication in globalization processes. This institutional and transnational approach will enable theatre studies to overcome its still strong national and local focus on plays and productions and connect it to current discourses on transnational history.

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Prof. Dr. Christopher Balme
Dr. Nic Leonhardt

ERC Project "Developing Theatre"
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