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Centre for Global Theatre History

The Centre for Global Theatre History provides a forum for historical research into theatre and performance from a transnational perspective. Its premise is that since the late nineteenth century theatre was not only exposed to but actively participated in the globalization processes that engulfed most of the then known world. It was imbricated in trade, the dissemination of ideology, the formation of cross-cultural publics and the implementation of new institutions. The Centre actively encourages researchers in all stages of their careers to contribute to this on-going research agenda. Its activities are focused on the following areas:

Research projects
Global Theatre Histories

Visiting fellows

Richard Waterhouse
, GTH-Fellow 2012
Tracy C. Davis (CAS) 2012
Stanca Scholz-Cionca (CAS) 2014
Laurence Senelick (CAS) 2015

Doctoral training

DFG-Koselleck project: doctoral researchers
DFG-Graduiertenkolleg: Rashna Nicolson
DFG-Graduiertenschule für Ost- und Südosteuropastudien: Marija Dokic (seit 2013), Dr. Berenika Szymanski-Düll (Postdoc von 2013-15)

Conferences and workshops

Workshop "Theatrical Trade Routes (1850-1945)"
Conference "Theatre, Globalization and the Cold War"
International conference "Theatrescapes. Global Media and Translocal Publics (1850-1950)"
and other events

Publication and media
Palgrave Transnational Theatre History Series

Blog "Global Theatre Histories"

Director: Prof. Dr. Christopher Balme
Associate Director:
PD Dr. Nic Leonhardt