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Iacob, Dr. Viviana

Dr. Viviana Iacob


Humboldt Fellow im ERC-Forschungsprojekt "Developing Theatre"

Viviana Iacob is currently affiliated with the Centre for Global Theatre History at LMU. Her research interests centre on theatre history after 1945 in Eastern Europe, Cold War internationalism and the role of international organizations in the cultural diplomacy of state socialist regimes.

In 2019 she was awarded a postdoctoral Humboldt fellowship for the duration of 2 years (May 2020-April 2022). Her project examines theatre exchanges in relation with contributions from the socialist space by identifying practices and networks that allowed East European cultures to overcome peripherialization in relation with the international community. She currently works on a monograph that places Romanian theatre within global circulations among the East, the West, and the South. Among her publications are: “Scenes of Cold War Diplomacy: Romania and the International Theatre Institute, 1956–1969.” East Central Europe 45, (2018): 184-214; “Caragiale in Calcutta: Romanian-Indian Theatre Diplomacy during the Cold War.” Journal of Global Theatre History 2, (2017): 37-46.