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Skwirblies, Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Skwirblies

Post-Doc in the ERC Research-Project “T-Migrants“


Post-Doc in the ERC Research-Project "T-Migrants"

Research Interests

Transnational and post-colonial theatre history, decolonial theory, migration studies, critical race studies, theories on the archive


Lisa Skwirblies is a theatre and performance scholar and currently a post-doc researcher at the LMU Theatre Studies department in the ERC-project "T-Migrants", where she researches theatre migration in the colonial context of the 19th century.

From 2018 till 2020, Lisa held a Marie Sklodowska-Curie International Research Fellowship (EU Horizon 2020). She pertained her PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Warwick in 2018, where she was also awarded with an Early Career Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies the same year.

Lisa is also currently working on her monograph Performing Empire. Theatre, Race, and Colonial Culture in the German Empire, 1884-1914 (Palgrave 2022), in which she proposes a post-colonial reading of 19th century Germany theatre history that includes questions of empire and "race". Based on in-depth archival research in the former German colonial archive and the National Archives of Namibia, the monograph offers for the first time a critical discussion on the entanglements of German colonial history and German theatre history and the role that coloniality as well as questions of “race” played for the construction of a German theatre modernity. The monograph also offers a critical inquiry into the methodologies of theatre historiography itself especially with regards to the promises and pitfalls of conducting research in the colonial archives.


Performing Empire. Theatre, Race, and Colonial Culture in the German Empire, 1884-1914. Palgrave (forthcoming).

Edited Volumes
Theaterwissenschaft postkolonial/dekolonial, co-edited together with Azadeh Sharifi,
Transcript 2021.

Cold War University, special issue of Global Theatre Histories Journal, co-edited together with
Judith Rottenburg, May 2021.

Peer-Reviewed Articles and Chapters in Edited Volumes
“Performing the Politics of Non-Alignment in Cold War Germany”, Journal of Global Theatre
Histories, Vol. 5, No.1, May 2021 (forthcoming)

“Censorship, Cancel-Culture, Coloniality: Contemporary German Theatre and its Postcolonial
Discontent”. Chapter in Theatre Censorship in Contemporary Europe, edited by Chris Megson
Anne Etienne. University of Exeter Press 2021 (forthcoming).

“Colonial Theatricality”. Chapter in Oxford Handbook of Politics and Performance, edited by
Milija Gluhovic, Shirin Rai, Silvija Jestrovic, and Michael Seward. OUP 2021.

“The first German Genocide enters the Popular Stage. Colonial Theatricality in Berlin, 1904-
1908”. Popular Entertainment Studies, Vol. 8, Issue 1, 2017, pp. 7-20.

“The Global Graduate. Graduating in the Era of the Global University” (co-authored with Juan
Aldape Munoz). Chapter in Performance Studies. An Unconditional Discipline? Edited by Sruti
Bala, Milija Gluhovic, Hanna Korsberg, Kati Röttger. Palgrave 2017.

Fellowships and Awards

2021 Mentee of the LMU Mentorship Program (LMUexcellent)
2018-2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND, International Research Fellowship EU Horizon 2020
2018 Early Career Fellowship, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Warwick
2013-2017 Chancellor’s International Scholarship, University of Warwick, PhD 4-year funding
2016 Travel grant, Humanities Research Fund, University of Warwick
2015 Travel grant, Humanities Research Fund, University of Warwick
2015 Award for best M.A. dissertation in the Department for Theatre and Performance Studies,
University of Warwick
2011 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, European Commission, one-year funding for the M.A.
2011 Award of the Equal Opportunities Officer for outstanding M.A. Dissertation, LMU
2009 -2011 Stipend by the German National Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)
2008 Stipend by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 6 month studies in Poland

Presentations (selection)

• “Decolonizing 1968. European Myth Making and African and Asian Narratives”. Paper held at the Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) (University of Washington, Seattle, 22.03.2021)
• “Performing the Politics of Non-Alignment in Cold-War Germany”. Paper held at the workshop Cold War University (LMU, 13.11.2020)
• “Performing the Spirit of Bandung. Repertoires of Protest, Solidarity and Decolonial Thought in West Germany 1950-1970”. Paper held at the workshop Engaging Anthropology and Art: From Postcolonial Critique to Decolonial Doing (LMU, 26.07.2019)
• “Dramaturgies of Implication. Was bedeutet Aufarbeitung der kolonialen Vergangenheit auf dem Theater?“ Paper held at the workshop Opfer/Täter-Inversionen (Humboldt University Berlin, 14.06.2019)
• „Colonial Archive Fever“. Paper held in the IFTR Historiography Working Group (Freie Universität Berlin, 25.04.2019)
• “Theatre and Colonialism in Germany”. Paper held in the research seminar theatre studies Utrecht (Utrecht University, 23.10.2018)
• “Colonial Theatres”. Paper held in the IFTR Historiography Working Group (University of Belgrade, July 2018)
• “Colonial Pantomime”. Paper held in the IFTR Historiography Working Group (University of Stockholm, July 2016)
• “The first German Genocide on the Popular Stage”. Paper held in the IFTR Historiography Working Group (University of Hyderabad, July 2015)
• “Black Bismarck and the Multidirectionality of Memory”. Paper held at the IFTR Conference (University of Warwick, July 2014).

Workshop Organization

• “Cold War University”. In collaboration with Judith Rottenburg, Theatre Studies Department, LMU Munich, 13.11.2020
• “Postcolonial Discourses in the field of German Theatre Studies.” In collaboration with Azadeh Sharifi, Theatre Studies Department, LMU Munich, postponed because of COVID-19
• “On Exhibit-B and other ‘Human Zoos’.” In collaboration with Prof. Yvette Hutchison and Prof. Katrin Sieg, Theatre and Performance Studies Department, University of Warwick, 2014.


Ludwig Maximilian University, Department of Theatre Studies
• B.A. Seminar: München (Post)kolonial. Zur Beziehung von Kolonialität und Theatralität im Münchener Stadtbild. (Summer 2020)
• B.A. Seminar: Erinnerung ist keine Wellness Oase. Aufarbeitungs- und Erinnerungsdiskurse zur deutschen Kolonialgeschichte im zeitgenössischen Theater. (Fall and Winter 2019/2020)

University of Amsterdam, Department for Theatre Studies
• B.A. Seminar: Wetenschapsfilosofie (Philosophy of Science). (Summer 2018)

University of Warwick, Department for Theatre and Performance Studies
• M.A. Seminar (substitute): Contemporary Theatre in Multicultural Germany (Winter 2018)