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ProArt: First Interdisciplinary Summer School 2011

Arts — Politics — Economics. New perspectives of the arts


31st July - 6th August, 2011

Arts, politics and economics have always existed in a dynamic interdependent relationship, which is, in part, stimulating, and, in part, produces contradictions or even oppositions: The arts are integrated into political and economic functional relationships, but they also appear as political protagonists, whose aesthetic strategies - whether explicit or implicit - reflect societal events or provide guidelines for successful coexistence in society.

The spectrum of theoretical debate in the study of the arts ranges from questions concerning the position of the political in the aesthetic and aesthetic forms of expression of the political, to those who devote themselves to the political role of art or discuss the relationship of art and economics.

The interdisciplinary summer school, which incorporates the subjects Art History, Art Education, Musicology, Music Education and Theatre Studies, aims to discuss the following aspects:

How does the political manifest itself in the arts against the background of its dissolution of boundaries and internationalisation?

To what institutional change are the arts subject in the light of (global) structural political and economic changes? What role does the study of the arts play in this process?


Deadline call for papers: 5th June, 2011

We have 8 scholarships available for international students. These scholarships cover travel costs, accommodation and also provide a grant for your remaining living expenses.

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