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Welcome to the Institute for Theatre Studies (TWM) at LMU Munich

TWM Munich is one of the oldest and largest university institutes offering Theatre Studies degrees in Germany. We are proud of being one of few institutes to offer our students the entire range of theatre: drama, music theatre, dance theatre, and performance art. Numerous lectures and seminars also include film and other media, which we investigate in their (inter-)relationship with theatrical live performance.

Special areas of teaching and research include:

  • theatre and other media, especially film
  • music theatre
  • dance and performance
  • intercultural theatre
  • dramaturgy

Studying at TWM - What Munich can offer

Studying theatre at TWM our students learn to approach a variety of theatrical forms and genres of theatre from a critical, academic perspective. Thus, we do not specifically train future actors or directors; however, a university degree in Theatre Studies provides our students with essential knowledge and skills which are indispensable to any career in theatre and many other fields. Central to our teaching schedule are the three key clusters theatre history, performance analysis, and theatre theory. Moreover, students may enhance their knowledge in more specific fields such as theatre management, theatre journalism, and dramaturgy.

In the German academic system - unlike Anglo-American courses - practical work is not a compulsory, assessed element of the degree. However, TWM has its own studio theatre which offers the students the possibility of engaging in practical work on and behind the stage. Regular practical workshops are organized as well. Other than this, a number of classes are taught in a 'Practice-as-teaching'-mode, in close collaboration with local theatres, festivals, or practitioners, on location in theatre.

With numerous large-scale, publicly funded theatres such as the Kammerspiele, Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel and Volkstheater, its two opera houses, the Nationaltheater and the Gärtnerplatz, a number of internationally renowned festivals, and a vibrant off-fringe theatre and dance scene, Munich is one of Germany's leading theatre cities, and thus an ideal basis for studying theatre where it happens!

German language skills: To commence a programme of study at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich foreign students must show proof of their German language skills.

Information in English: Master of Arts in Theatre Studies