Theaterwissenschaft München



WG Political Performances

Day 1 / Sunday, July 25 & Day 2 / Monday, July 26

Venue & Room: LMU Leopoldstr. 13, Room 2402

Convener: Avraham Oz (Haifa University, Israel)

  • Vicky Angelaki (Birmingham City University, UK):
    Gender, War, Identity: Political Theatre at a Time of Social Flux
  • Swati Arora (University of Warwick, UK):
    Street Theatre in Delhi: Traditions and New Perspectives
  • Ahuva Belkin (Tel Aviv University, Israel):
    The Politics of Performance: Shalom Aleichem's The Town of the Little People in Ofira Henig's Production
  • Sara Brady (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland):
    Uniforms and Resistance: Wearing and Telling by Iraq War Veterans
  • Zahava Caspi (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel):
    History of Tribulation and the Myth of the Victim: The Holocaust and Israeli Identity in Dani Horowitz's Cherly Kacherly
  • Violeta Detcheva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria):
    Socialism's Passion for Drama: How the Socialist Ideological Canon Controlled the Repertoire
  • Susan Haedicke (University of Warwick, UK):
    Playing in Traffic: Street Theatre's Engaged Aesthetic in the Work of Willi Dorner, Jeanne Simone, and Lili Jenks
  • Esiaba Irobi (Ohio University, USA):
    What Would Picasso Have Said? Fractured Narratives, Shattered Epistemes, and other Metaphors of Modernity in African Theatrical Performances of the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • Shimon Levy (Tel Aviv University, Israel):
    Three Modes of the Political in Blessed of All Women
  • Mara Lockowandt (University of London, UK):
    Subversive Entertainment: Zionist Political Drama in the Ottoman Empire
  • Tom Maguire (University of Ulster, UK):
    A Pragmatics of Change: Testing Political Theory in Theatrical Practice
  • Joanna Ostrowska (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland):
    From Street Theatre to Theatre in Public Spaces
  • Lloyd Peters (University of Salford, UK):
    Adapting Adaptation Theory Part 2: The Journey from Radio to Stage and Beyond…
  • Patricia Reid (Kingston University, UK):
    Identity, Difference, and the Margins of Scottish Identity, in Post-Devolutionary Drama
  • Lib Taylor (University of Reading, UK):
    Enlisting the Audience as a Political Strategy in Fact-based Theatre
  • Juliusz Tyszka (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland):
    Multidimensional Modernist Revolt Against Modernist Social, Political and Artistic Order: "Theatre of the Eight Day" from Poznan in the Period 1973-1985

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