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Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Ulf Otto "Robot Challenges: Performing Artificial Intelligence"

Performing Robots Conference, Utrecht


Auf der Performing Robots Conference "Dialogues Between Theatre and Robotics" hält Prof. Dr. Ulf Otto einen Vortrag zum Thema

"Robot Challenges: Performing Artificial Intelligence"

im Panel 6 "Extended Robotics: Performing Algorithms"

Zeit: Samstag, 25. Mai 2019
Ort: Utrecht, Niederlande

Organized by Transmission in Motion (Utrecht University) and SPRING Performing Arts Festival

In science as well as in art, in contemporary robotics and machine learning, robot challenges have recently proliferated: spectacular setups in which quasi-autonomous machines have to perform the feasibility of their algorithms. The background is the physical turn that leads from ›classic‹ to ›modern‹ Artificial Intelligence and to a new ideal of research in the late ’80s. Instead of the chess player, as an incarnation of the rational Cartesian ego, the soccer player and his ability to deal with unknown, imprecise and human environments became the new objective for the mechanical double. In consequence, machines have started to enter our live world in unprecedented fashion, slowly taking over those tasks that, on moral grounds, have been reserved for humans so far: playing with the children, killing the presumed enemy or taking care of the elderly. Unlike the appearances of robots in past Science Fiction, the contemporary entrances of robots in the spectacular setups of science and art, are not solely metaphorical manifestations of human fears and desires in the face of industrial civilization; they have to be discussed as attempts to enforce, negotiate or challenge a new communality of humans and machines. Drawing on examples from art as well as science the paper discusses the performativity of the robot in the context of digital cultures.